Lea Joinery are specialist manufacturers in timber doors in Preston, our solid timber doors are created from start to finish at our fully equipped workshop in Preston, Lancashire, and can be manufactured either on a supply only basis or fitted by our own joiners.

Lea Joinery provides a specialist service for the construction, and if required the installation, of bespoke door assemblies. By this we mean the manufacture of the more complex type of entrance way, such as side panels, and we cover the whole of the North West and as far as London and the South West.

A typical bespoke door consists of the door being flanked on both sides by matching glazed side panels, then it gets treated with three coats of mahogany stain and completed with brass handle and hinges.

All of these elements can be varied to suit your individual requirements- for example the finish could be paint, the handle and hinges black antique, the glazed portions could be varied in size or design and the paneling could be more ornate. We can manufacture from a range of hardwoods such as Sapele,Oak and Iroko, but please let us know if you would like to use a particular timber.

Some of our customers require only one side screen, for reasons of economy, available space or simply design preference, and this is no problem at all - if you are not sure what kind of door you can fit in the space you have, just ask and we will let you know your options. An average external door is about 840mm (2'9") wide and the side panels we construct are usually in the range of a further 230-410mm (9-16"), but nothing is set in stone just ask!

Call Paul on 01772 721093 or email to [email protected]

Over door panels, as mentioned in the introduction, are commonly found in Victorian or Georgian homes, but can be created or replicated for any sort of higher than average doorway.

Raised paneling, is a very popular feature in our doorways and can be used to give an individual stamp to your property: